Foreldre Besteforeldre Oldeforeldre Tippoldeforeldre
  • Libeflats Fantastisk Allerede
  • NO55829/17
  • 13.10.2017
Ewoke's Kind Of A Kind
  • SE13879/2013
  • 26.12.2013
SE DK UCH SE VCH LP1 Gilliams Gold One Of A Kind
Breedon Bertie From Casblaidd
Gilliam's Gold The One And Only
Ewokes You Got It
SE U(U)CH Inkwells Truly Yours
Ewoke's Final Fantasy Dream
Toffedreams Hattrick
  • SE31701/2013
  • 11.04.2013
SE (U) CH Comics French Kiss
Comics Blue Viking
INT S VCH NORD UCH SV-07 Comics Kiss Me Kate
Toffeedreams Wallflower
SE U(u)CH FI CH Toffedreams Costa Nada
NORD UCH Almanza Seven Eleven
  • Kalexas River Eden
  • NO42676/16
  • 25.04.2016
CH Steelriver Blazin Hot At Blacktoft
  • KCSB0670CW
  • 26.02.2010
Blacktoft Ever Blazin
Steelriver Tradewinds
Blactoft Jazz After Dark
GB SH CH Steelriver Sunny Spell
GB CH Pajanbeck Prince Of Thieves
GB SH CH Steelriver Summer Winds
NJV-12 Flat Garden's Elwen XXII
  • NO33104/12
  • 16.08.11
GB SH CH Perrymel Spring Storm At Riverglade
GB CH Taranbeck Phynns Lad At Riverglide
Benvellyn Aqua Of Perrymel
C.I.E. GB SH CH N UCH Flat Garden's Mathilde IX
N UCH SU(U)CH JVV-98 KBHV98-99 Caci's Hell Of A Lo
Flat Garden's Astrid VII